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As a new patient to our office, you will need to fill out our New Patient Form. For your convenience, and to ensure a speedy check-in , you can either submit this information via our online form, or you can download and print a paper copy for completion by you prior to your visit.Your Implant Dentist, Nana Yeboah-Serving the Twin Cities
Whether you are looking for a single tooth replacement or a replacement of all of your missing teeth, Dr. Yeboah and his team at AccessPoint Dental are committed to finding the right dental implant solution for you. We employ the latest proven technologies, such as 3D-Conebeam CT imaging and Guided Surgery, to help ensure predictable successful outcomes.

With our extensive training and experience in both the surgical and prosthetic aspects of Implant Dentistry, most patients can have all phases of dental implant treatment completed in one location, saving time and reducing cost.

Our administrative staff is ready to help you with questions about scheduling, financial arrangements, and insurance, to make that part of the process as simple as possible.


Dental Implant Services


Fixed Implant Bridges

Similar to a regular dental bridge, an implant bridge

“Snap-In” Implant Retained Overdentures

Using at least 2 dental implants as retentive anchors, your removable denture is secured to your jawbone via special attachments to the implants. This eliminates the need for messy denture adhesives, prevents unwanted movement of your denture when talking or eating, and helps retain volume of your jaw bone.

TeethXpress/All On 4 – Full Mouth Treatment

Known by different names, this is a full mouth restorative procedure where all of the teeth in your arch (top or bottom) are replaced with a fixed dental implant-supported bridge. All of this can typically be accomplished in a single day following deliberate planning.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are dental implants with a diameter less than 3mm. They are typically used when there is inadequate thickness of jaw bone to place standard sized implants. They are also often used for the long-term support of dentures and individual crowns. AccessPoint Dental is proud to offer mini implants as a restorative solution our patients.